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CAGE Code: 98WF2

Ron's Cycle Shop, founded in 1979 by Ron Deutsch, has a rich history rooted in servicing motorcycles. Ron, the third-generation owner, returned to his hometown after living out west to purchase his father Norbert Deutsch's farm. Despite his young age and his children still being in their formative years, Ron's life was tragically cut short due to illness. Fast forward 30 years, and Keith Deutsch, Ron's middle child, has taken over as the current owner of the shop.

Keith has made a bold decision by reestablishing Ron's Cycle Shop LLC, channeling all his efforts and resources into the business. While the shop no longer primarily focuses on motorcycle servicing, it remains dedicated to the two-wheeled lifestyle. Ron's Cycle Shop LLC now specializes in providing electric two-wheel sales and service solutions to fleet-level organizations and individual members.

In an exciting development, Ron's Cycle Shop has recently allocated eight acres of land exclusively for trail riding and demonstration activities. This expansion aims to ensure that our customers have the most enjoyable and immersive experience possible. We aspire to become the premier destination for eBikes in southern MN.




  • Ron's Cycle Shop

As well as Support for Bosch and Bafang product lines   



  • Sales and Service of E- Bikes

  • Light Manufacuring

  • Fabrication

  • Production 

  • Assembly

  • Painting

  • Powder Coating

  • Cerakote

  • Ceramic Coating


       FUTURE PLANS...


Gone are the days when choosing an electric vehicle (EV) was financially burdensome. Our approach involves retrofitting existing motorcycles by replacing their engines with state-of-the-art motors and customizable, upgradable batteries. As a result, our products and services are available at approximately half the cost of any entry-level production model EV motorcycle. Costing just one-tenth of the "Live wire." Additionally, we will provide detailed kits and procedures for our DIY customers who wish to convert popular late model motorcycles to EV, enabling them to enjoy even greater savings.


As advancements in battery technology continue to enhance our range, we will incorporate these improvements into our design, ensuring that your classic retro Wheels can keep rolling. Moreover, we are proud to offer a solution for those who are prepared to embrace a shift in their habits concerning the carbon cycle of our planet. Our goal is to achieve carbon negativity, and we strive to empower our customers to do the same. We believe in being the catalyst for change by providing affordable options that don't require abandoning current routines.

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